“Video-on-Demand services seem to have contributed significantly to the combat against illegal online streaming in Turkey”

With Netflix entering the Turkey market, local platforms gaining popularity with attractive series that change the rules of the game, and popular satellite companies offering subscribers access to an online platform where they can watch the movies and TV series offered on the satellite at any time they want, paid online video-on-demand services are attracting more viewers each day. Our latest research shows public perception of VOD platforms is nearly entirely positive, with demand for more. 

Foreign content over local: VOD platforms are mostly preferred for viewing foreign content, with 49.9% spending more than 8 hours per week watching foreign content on VOD platforms.

Demand for more: %55 of participants agree that they would like more paid online VOD services to be available in Turkey.

Many reasons to subscribe: The three most prevalent reasons Turkish consumers prefer paid online VOD platforms are the availability of a wide range of content (98.7%), the lack of advertisements (98.6%) and the ability to watch at a time of one’s choice (98.4%).

Success in the fight against piracy: 84.4% of participants agree that the availability of content on legal sources makes them less likely to use illegal/piracy websites.

The survey was conducted online with an audience of Turkish video-on-demand platform subscribers through the MPTracks® Smart Segmentation tool. 2.262 respondents participated in the survey. 

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